Fancasting ‘MAZE RUNNER’ Star Dylan O’Brien In The DC Film Universe

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DC and Warner Bros. need to take advantage of the opportunity to pick up a rising star in Dylan O’Brien and add him to a universe that would improve dramatically with him on board before Marvel finds the perfect role for him. If Marvel doesn’t get him, I think there are some characters that I think would fit the bill when it comes to casting O’Brien in the DC Film Universe.

Green lantern

The first role is Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. It has already been established that Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, is a college student. With that being said, I think Hal Jordan should be cast at a similar age as The Flash. So yeah, no Armie Hammer as the Green Lantern. If Hammer is cast as the Jordan, then the relationship, in my opinion, wouldn’t feel as connected as it would if O’Brien were to take on the mantle of a Lantern.

The reason I think that O’Brien is the perfect choice as Jordan is because of his role on Teen Wolf. Yes, I watched Teen Wolf because of a crush that I had on the actress who played Allison Argent, Crystal Reed. But once I started watching the show, I realized there was potential in the cast and the show itself. It all started with O’Brien’s character, Stiles Stilinski. His brotherhood relationship with Scott McCall is the first reason why I think he would get along well with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. While playing Stiles, O’Brien has shown the perfect timing on the comedy delivery. It’s what made his character so likable on the show. O’Brien also showed that there is more that he can bring to the table when he played the villain, Nogitsune. His true talent showed. O’Brien was able to show the compromise of what it takes to play a good person and a bad person at the same time. Another reason that I thought O’Brien can play the Green Lantern is the power of will.

In the last season of Teen Wolf when Stiles was taken from Beacon Hills by the Ghost Riders, he no longer existed in the real world, but Stiles willed himself into making himself still relevant by making his way back to Beacon Hills. Stiles was trying to leave clues for his friends to notice and help bring Stiles back into their lives. Hal Jordan uses the power of will in order to use his green lantern ring to activate his powers. O’Brien has shown the power of will in almost all of his roles, from Teen Wolf to the Maze Runner series, which then brings us to his latest role, American Assassin.


O’Brien can use the skillset that he used as an assassin and bring it into the DC Film Universe as Nightwing. O’Brien has also shown the ability to move quickly and think on his feet. Batman is one of the best non-powered superheroes who can move quickly and think on his feet during the action. Nightwing has to be a close second to Batman, considering he trained under Batman’s wing. O’Brien has shown that he is not afraid to share what he is capable of in terms of physicality to the table. O’Brien has also shown leadership in all of his roles, he steps up to the plate and tries to make the best decision that he can to help others. He could do that as Dick Grayson. I have seen a similar quick skill set in another superhero that O’Brien could play: Red Arrow/Arsenal.

Red Arrow:Arsenal.jpg

From what we have seen in the animated cartoons to the live-action Roy Harper on Arrow, we have seen different takes of character development in Harper. Harper has brought the sarcasm to being focused minded to an emotional and dark side of him being seen on the small screen. O’Brien displayed all those mentalities in American Assassin as Mitch Rapp. Rapp demonstrated the ability to stay sharp and was willing to put himself in danger when it comes to facing the most dangerous of all types of villains. As I explained with Stiles, Harper can bring the dry sarcasm that makes him confident and can be cocky at times. Which brings me to my last character in the DC Universe that O’Brien certainly can play: Red Hood.

Red Hood:Jason Todd

The man under the red hood was a former Robin named Jason Todd. Todd had recently taken on the mantle of being Batman’s newest sidekick after Grayson had moved on to become Nightwing. It didn’t last long as Todd was then killed by the Joker in the comics, but Todd was then revived by the Lazarus Pit. Once Todd was brought back to life, he wasn’t the same person. Todd hated Batman for not saving him. The hate grew so strong that the philosophy that Batman believed in, which was using no guns when taking down crime, Todd decided against it. Red Hood used guns as his primary weapon to end crimes. He felt that the only way villains needed to go down was by using guns to kill them. Had Batman believed in guns, Todd might not have been killed by the Joker. I think O’Brien has shown the talent to carry a grudge in two of his roles in Stiles when he was the Nogitsune in Teen Wolf and as Rapp in American Assassin. The Red Hood is an intriguing character when it comes to the Bat-family. It would be interesting to see what O’Brien could do with the character.

In all honesty, there are so many characters that DC Comics have to explore that O’Brien could play, but DC could do no wrong with casting O’Brien as Hal Jordan the Green Lantern, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Roy Harper as Red Arrow/Arsenal or Jason Todd as Red Hood. O’Brien is a rising star in Hollywood. I really think he can thrive as a superhero or anti-superhero in the DC Film Universe. With Maze Runner: The Death Cure coming out late January, I think we could see the growth of O’Brien finally becoming a leader who is strong, has the will to protect others and will do anything to make the world around him safe. Given the right material to work with, I think it would be a joy to see O’Brien bring such a cool and badass DC Comics character to life in a movie and make a positive impact on the DC Film Universe.

Do you think that Dylan O’Brien should join the DC Film Universe? If so which character? Be sure to tweet your thoughts to us @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot


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