Batman #38 Review (SPOILERS)

Image result for batman #38Batman #38
DC Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Travis Moore
Cover by: Tim Sale

“The Origin of Bruce Wayne”! If Mattie could grow up to be anybody, he’d grow up millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. But what would happen if he was forced to relive the worst tragedy of Bruce’s life and his parents were murdered? Batman’s hunt for the killer puts him face to face with a strange mirror version of his own past


It’s been a while since Batman has gotten a new villain to face, but the newest issue of Tom King’s run introduces a new and young adversary. After the last two issues focused on the fun and comedic side of being a superhero, King gets a lot more serious this time around with a captivating look at the new villain’s origins.  It also might be the most “Batman-like” in King’s run thus far as we get back to the character’s roots as he’s working with Commissioner Gordon to solve a series of (extremely gruesome) murders.

Let me start off by saying I’ve been loving this series in the past couple of months…and it hasn’t stopped here. This issue felt so contained and focused, it was awesome to get back to basics with Batman and add a new compelling villain in the rogues roster. Before the murderer is found out by Batman, two major Bat villains were being referenced as possible suspects for the murders; Two-Face and Zsasz.


It was not only great to semi-see them appear here, but also how they were woven into the story. The new villain is trying to kill and frame some of Batman’s biggest villains as the culprits. The actual person doing the crimes is a child, and the reason why is pretty chilling. After the recent death of his parents, he wants to be just like Bruce Wayne and get revenge, no matter the costs. It’s very disturbing but at times it left some to be desired as we didn’t get as in depth to the new character as I thought it should.

The art is handled very well here, blending various colors to project a very dark and eerie feeling. Although some of it is inconsistent, normally due to the amount of issues being released, it worked great overall.

In Conclusion:

Although it trembles a bit while introducing a new villain in “Master Bruce”, it overall is one of the strongest Batman issues yet from this run. The art compliments the overall tone and Sherlock Holmes-ish style the story goes for. The characterizations of Batman and co. are as great as ever as Tom King doesn’t miss a beat. I’m very much looking forward to what type of impact this new story will end up being for the Caped Crusader.

Rating: 9/10

– Marcos Melendez


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