Lindsay Lohan Is Campaigning To Play Batgirl

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Warner Bros. upcoming film Batgirl is still early in development and as such no news of who will play the iconic character has been released. However, a number of actresses have thrown their names into the running, including Hailee Steinfeld and now most surprisingly Lindsay Lohan.

The star has officially thrown her name into the running to star as Barbara Gordan via a recent Tweet.

Lohan asked that everyone who wants her to star in the new Batgirl movie to retweet the tweet so to get the attention of those in charge of casting the role. But as we said earlier no news of casting has been made for the film and it is still in earlier development. So it seems we will have to wait quite sometime before w hear anything about who will be playing the fan-favorite character.

Do you want to see Lindsay Lohan play Batgirl? Who do you want to play the iconic hero? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Lindsay Lohan


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