Noah Hawley Offers Update On DOCTOR DOOM Movie Following Disney/Fox Merger

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It was announced at July’s San Diego Comic-Con that Legion and Fargo creator Noah Hawley was developing a Doctor Doom film for Fox. Things went quiet as news came that Disney was acquiring Fox’s movie rights as part of a massive $52 billion deal. The merger would then seemingly put all of Fox’s in-development films in limbo but that may not necessarily be that case. 

Hawley offered an update on his Doom movie at a TCA panel where he was promoting the second season of Legion:

“I haven’t had a single conversation yet about Doom in the context of the merger. On some level, we’re still looking at a period of time – probably a year, at the least – for this whole thing to go through. Who knows, corporately, what conversations will be had, but certainly, until it goes through, it’s not a legal thing. I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring to see if anyone is gonna have an opinion. Otherwise, it’s just business as usual for me.”

News also came yesterday that Drew Goddard’s X-Force film was still a go at Fox, which bodes well for all the projects Fox has yet to put into production. It’s been reported that the merger could talk about a year and a half which would leave enough time for Hawley to get the film in a comfortable place.


It’s also not impossible that Marvel may see what Hawley is doing when everything settles and will want to move forward with the project. Only time will tell what the status of the solo Doctor Doom film is.

Are you excited about Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom film? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: Collider


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