Sony’s ‘SILVER AND BLACK’ May Start Production In March With Locations In Mexico; ‘THE DEPARTED’s Kristi Zea Will Work As Production Designer

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Although it still doesn’t seem real, Sony is moving forward with their Spider-Man movie universe (despite it not featuring Spider-Man). Venom is already well into production, and the next movie, Silver and Black, is on the horizon.

ThatHashtagShow reports that Silver and Black will begin production on March 5th and end in mid-June.

They also report that Kristi Zea will be working as production designer and will create the looks of many comic characters like Mendel Stromm and Tombstone for the big screen. She has worked on films such as Silence of the LambRed Dragon, and The Departed. 

The film will shoot mainly in Atlanta, similarly to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom, but according to OmegaUnderground, it will also be shooting scenes in Mexico.

Source – ThatHashtagShowOmegaUnderground

Caleb Sadd

Silver and Black will release in theaters on February 8th, 2019.






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