Alternate Ending For ‘IT’ Has Been Released; Teases Sequel And Bill

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The Stephen King adaptation It was a mega-hit for WB. and New Line Cinema, it garnered almost 700 million worldwide in the box-office. Almost immediately after the theatrical release, and director’s cut of the film was announced, but it has yet to be released. The home release of the film (out today) however, contains eleven deleted and extended scenes that didn’t make the final cut.

This includes an alternate ending for the film that features Bill returning home post-kissing Beverly and defeating Pennywise. It teases what’s to come for the upcoming “Chapter 2” of the two-part adaption of the book of the same name.

Watch the alternate scene below:

 Soon after the final scene for the Loser’s Club, we get Bill talking to his Mother, but the dialogue it self is cut out. I assume they did this because they may use it in the future, or it could be the person who upload cut because of copyright. The very last couple of seconds though is why this alternate ending is important; we get a close up shot of a storm drain just as it is about to rain.
In conjunction with some sinister music, this is surely a tease for Pennywise  and the fact that he’s still alive. It’s a bit on the nose and I think that’s why this ending was ultimately cut. I personally like the theatrical ending more, with the only tease being the “Chapter One” in the credits.
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Source: Youtube

It is available on Blu-Ray and DVD in stores.





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