‘BLACK PANTHER’ Director Ryan Coogler Discusses How T’CHALLA Has Changed Since ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR’ 

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Ever since Black Panther’s big screen debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the character’s very first solo film, and it’s right around the corner. For many, Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa was one of the highlights of Cap’s third big screen outing, and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler has shed some new light on what we can expect from the character in his very own film. 

Speaking with Fandango, Coogler states that while his film will pick up immediately after Civil War, we’ll still get to see a different side of the king of Wakanda. 

“The film will take place basically immediately after Civil War. In many ways, he’s the same guy. What I think is more important, and I was talking to my brother Keenan about it, who works with me, you get to see T’Challa at almost from a ground level. You get to see him and how he is around the people who he loves, how he is when he’s comfortable.”

Coogler also hinted that while the Black Panther will be back where he’s most comfortable, that doesn’t mean he won’t still be on the lookout for trouble. 

“In Civil War, he was outside of Wakanda. He was in a place that he didn’t want to be and his father gets killed. The whole film, he’s on a mission. He’s a man on a mission. He’s tortured; he’s of few words. I think that that was something that made him appealing in that film.”

“The film’s from his perspective and he’s surrounded by people who he loves and cares for. It’s just a much more personal perspective on him. You see him go through the journey of taking on the greatest responsibility that a person can have, the responsibility of leading a country. You see him go through the full weight of that in the film.”

Black Panther will hit theaters on February 18. 

Written by Danny O’Brien

Source: Fandango


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