RIDLEY SCOTT Wants To Make More ‘ALIEN’ Movies With Disney

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Ridley Scott is known for his popular ‘Alien’ franchise as well as bringing ‘Blade Runner’ into the world. Now, he wants to work with Disney in creating even more ‘Alien’ movies. A few months ago, he was quoted on saying how he wants to leave the Xenomorphs in the past and continue on the idea of Artificial Intelligence.


The Disney/Fox deal placed uncertainty within his Alien franchise but he really thinks it should be continued. He went on to say:

I think they should because I think, when people have a hard and fast franchise which has ongoing interest, it’s crazy not to do something with it.

He was a strong supporter of the deal going through however, with him talking about his admiration for how Disney operates their industry, and how they are far ahead of the game in what they’re doing for their demographics.  Disney going through with any sort of Alien’ business is a much darker route, but there’s a large demand for it being such an acclaimed franchise.

Scott has built what he said is a skeleton for ‘Alien: Covenant 2’, a necessary part of creating a story. Then the meat is added on and the production begins. Now it’s really just up to Disney on whether or not this will happen!

Do you hope to see a sequel to ‘Alien: Covenant’? What are your thoughts on his plan for the artificial intelligence aspect of the story? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies!

– JB Baker

Source – DigitalSpy

Ridley Scott’s ‘All the Money in the World’ is in theaters now.


1 comments on “RIDLEY SCOTT Wants To Make More ‘ALIEN’ Movies With Disney”

  1. I love everything Alien, I also love Ridley Scott’s directing style, and so far I have loved the direction of the prequels. For once the franchise is giving some fair amount to the Androids which in turn will give us different forms of aliens and not the same thing over and over.


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