New ‘AVENGERS 4’ Set Photos Further Reveal Time Travel To The Past


Many actors including Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner are finished filming the untitled, fourth Avengers film, but many of the main cast members are still around for some big scenes. We’ve had lots of hints via set photos that the film will have scenes in the past, and some new ones further suggest that theory.


The set photos feature Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and (surprisingly) Ant Man.

avengers-set-photos-january-10-01.jpgavengers-set-photos-january-10-05.jpgavengers-set-photos-january-10-14.jpgavengers-set-photos-january-10-06 (1).jpg

The scene likely takes place during Avengers because of Captain America’s suit.

A closer look at each actor’s hands reveals some sort of device.



This seemingly confirms that the Avengers will be time traveling by choice and it won’t be flashbacks, like many are speculating. These devices probably stem from the Time Stone. Another hint that this is time travel is the fact that Ant Man is present.

Ant Man and Tony are also wearing outfits from the present, yet Captain America is wearing his original Avengers outfit. This leads me to believe they are going back in time to purposefully change something. Cap will likely be going undercover.

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Source – Just Jared

Caleb Sadd

Avengers 4 will release in theaters in May of 2019.



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