‘Overwatch’ Releases New Team Skins And League Tokens; Prepping For An eSports Push

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With Overwatch going more and more towards making a bigger push into eSports the game has released new skins and League Tokens to help with the push. The move is to help support and gain popularity for eSports teams of the game and to get the competitions a bigger audience.

The video from the official Overwatch League account shows off skins for all 12 teams which will be available for all the heroes. The skins will require 100 tokens from their new token system the game will be introducing. Players that log in the game from now till February 13, 2018 will receive 100 tokens which is enough to get one free skin.

Tokens will also be available for purchase in the following rates.

  • 100 Tokens = USD $4.99*
  • 200 Tokens = USD $9.99
  • 400 Tokens = USD $19.99
  • 900 Tokens = USD $39.99
  • 2600 Tokens = USD $99.99


The first two seasons of the eSports league will be streamed exclusively on Twitch besides for China. Viewers of the broadcast will also be rewarded for watching matches with more information on the rewards to come.

Are you excited for these new skins? Are you going to get one of the skins? Will you tune in to the streams? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCorner with your thoughts. – Johnathan Brin

Source: Overwatch League 

Unit Lost – Great British Gaming Youtube


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