‘STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’ Director Rian Johnson Explains Why Snoke’s Backstory Wasn’t Explained

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Whether or not you are a die hard Star Wars fan, chances are you were conjuring up theories like the rest of us after The Force Awakens on who Supreme Leader Snoke may be.  Many hoped the would find the answer in The Last Jedi, but that wasn’t the case at all as the film took a different route in dealing with it’s major villain.
Snoke was introduced in The Force Awakens as the sort of Emperor Palpatine of this new trilogy, and it immediately had fans think of who he could actually be. As we well know, Snoke is simply Snoke, as of The Last Jedi. His past or anything of the sort hasn’t been revealed, and Rian Johnson defends the choice as to why it was best for the story.
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While talking in the BAFTA Q&A, Rian Johnson revealed why Snoke died before we could even get to know him, and how it actually fits the story being told.
“In this particular story, it’s much more like the original trilogy, where with Snoke if you think about the actual scenes, if suddenly I had paused one of the scenes to give a 30 second monologue about who he was, it would have kind of stopped the scene in its tracks, I realized. Even though it could have been interesting, something that fans were interested in, as storytellers, we have to kind of serve what the scenes need to be. It was a tough thing, even though I knew some fans were interested in it I also knew it wasn’t something that dramatically had a place in this movie. Hopefully it can be addressed elsewhere or even J.J. may address it in the next movie. But it’s not something that’s particularly interesting to Rey, so we kind of had to follow through.”
The moment is controversial to some, as it sort of kills any theory expectation fans had before going in. As Rian Johnson says, it worked best for the story being told and not doing so would make the impact of the scene different. It’s Rey and Kylo’s scene, with Snoke only being the one to bring them together. Having a piece of exposition would have been nice to know, but it would’ve changed the scene entirely.
Even though it’s not revealed in that latest episode in the saga, I wouldn’t be surprised if J.J Abrams details who Snoke truly is in Episode 9. It’s not up to Johnson this time around so it makes sense he doesn’t know what will become of the character. Personally, I actually have grown fond of what Rian decided to do and how it was to serve the main characters and the story.
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– Marcos Melendez

Source: WaltDisneyStudioAwards (via CinemaBlend)


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