Upcoming Xbox One Games Release Dates Might Have Been Leaked

With Xbox still having some of their games coming out this year but with no date we might have finally some dates for some games for Xbox this year. Thanks to Spanish Amazon we might now know the release dates for Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2.


While Crackdown 3 has been announced no date was ever announced besides 2018. The listing has Crackdown 3 coming out on June 29, 2018. Crackdown 3 was originally supposed to come out in 2016 and then moved to November 7, 2017 to match the Xbox One X before being delayed again to sometime in 2018. Microsoft has not confirmed this date as of yet.

Another game in the listing was State of Decay 2 which on the site has a release date of May 25th, 2018. The was first announced during Xbox’s E3 conference on June 13, 2016 with originally suppose to release in 2017 before being delayed to 2018 during the 2017 Xbox E3 conference. This release date has also not be confirmed as of yet.

While those two have dates for sure thanks to a Brazilian ratings board Forza Horizon 4 is supposedly coming to Xbox One in 2018 with no exact date being shown. The previous Forza game was released in 2016. No date or more information about the game has been release as of yet.

Are you excited by these potential release dates? Are you going to pick up any of these games? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCornerJohnathan Brin

Source: Express.co.uk

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