The Flash #38 Review (SPOILERS)

The Flash #38
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Scoot Kollins
Cover by: Barry Kitson

“A Cold Day in Hell” finale! The Flash and an unlikely ally must discover who is behind the death of one of the Rogues before the murderer strikes again! But Flash is trapped inside of Iron Heights with one person blocking his exit: Captain Cold!


After a few slightly underwhelming issues, this week’s takes a turn and delivers what I wanted the rest to do. Captain Cold is up against Flash once again, and their right is a huge highlight for me. Williamson writes Snart fantastically, with the art by Scott Kollins perfectly complementing the intensity.


The confrontation is cut a bit short when August, aka Godspeed, turns out to be on Flash’s side. Flash then beats the hell out of the Rogues, which leads to the defeat of Captain Cold. He is then sent to Amanda Waller, to seemingly join the Suicide Squad at some point. Godspeed stays locked up, by choice as he knows he could’ve just escaped. Is this the first sign of redemption for August? I think so. It would’ve been easy to just have him continue bet a villain, so him wanting to face consequences may mean he could return as a good speedster in the future.

Copperhead’s storyline is continued here as she and Kid Flash almost get frozen to death when Flash saves them. Something is obviously planned with the villain since she leaves very easily, too easy in fact, but there’s something there to be explored. After that Wolfe gets proven wrong by Kristen, so that was somewhat satisfying.

To me this part isn’t nearly as interesting as the rest, and I think it’s due to the fact this story was overfilled. It added even more to an already heavy plotted series, so I think it lost a lot of it’s impact for me because of it. WIth that being said, this was a pretty satisfying conclusion that leaves you ready for what’s coming next.

In Conclusion:

The finale to a “Cold day in hell” is by far the strongest one, giving a satisfying finale to the story. Captain Cold is the standout here, having some of the best dialogue. I’m excited to see where the story goes from here as some plot lines are being set up, and how they may lead up to this year’s “Flash War.”

Rating: 7.5/10

– Marcos Melendez

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