Luigi Comes To ‘SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY’ In Its First DLC

If there’s one thing Nintendo does right, it’s DLC. Not only do their games have serviceable content to begin with, but their DLC is plentiful and costs little to nothing. It looks like that will continue with their latest hit Super Mario Odyssey. At their Mini-Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed the first, free DLC for the game, and it brings Mario’s arguably better brother, Luigi.

Hardcore Luigi fans will be sad to hear that he still isn’t a playable character. Instead he brings a new game mode called “Luigi’s Balloon World.” It involves online leaderboard based challenges where you can either hide balloons in the respective kingdom, or find balloons that other players have hidden. Each task must be done in under 30 seconds.

“The key to setting high scores is knowing every nook and cranny of a kingdom’s terrain. It’s like a new form of objective-based speedrunning!”

The new game mode will only be available after the main story is completed.


Along with Luigi’s Balloon World comes three new outfits for Mario: Sunshine Shades, Musician Hat, and Knight Helmet along with their matching outfits.


New filters for photo mode are also included in the DLC which will be available for free to download next month.

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Source – YouTube

Caleb Sadd

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