New Pikachu 2DS XL Releasing January 26th; Pokemon Crystal Drops On The Same Day

With so much Pokemon news coming from Nintendo the biggest with Detective Pikachi coming to the US, Nintendo announced a brand new 2DS XL. Along with the new handheld they also announced a release of an old Pokemon game to go along with it.


Nintendo’s new 2DS XL will be a Pikachu themed one that will be released January 26th this year. The 2DS will cost $159.99 US Dollars while it has been released in Japan a year ago. The snout of Pikachu will have a slight bump to make it feel more real.


Not only will gamers be able to get a new 2DS XL but they will be able to buy one of the classic Pokemon games. On the same day Nintendo will rerelease ‘Pokemon Crystal’ in the Nintendo eShop. The game will be $9.99 US dollars just like the previous GameBoy color Pokemon games that have been released in the eShop. It will include the wireless trading and battling like the other rereleased have.

Are you excited by this news? Will you pick up the new 2DS XL or Pokemon Crystal or maybe both? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCorner Johnathan Brin

Source: Polygon

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