Lois Lane May Soon Be Appearing On ‘SUPERGIRL’

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Since the series premiered Supergirl has gradually begun integrating many of the key elements of the hero’s long history. Last season gave us the first appearance of Kara’s famous cousin Superman after he was name-dropped a number of times. And now based on new reports we may be seeing Superman’s longtime love interest, Lois Lane, appear on the show sooner than later.

Lois Lane has been mentioned a number of times on the show and her sister Lucy Lane and her father General Samuel Lane have already appeared. But now according to a report from Omega Underground, the ace reporter herself may be on the show soon. A new audition tape has recently been uncovered which features the actress Sarah Ceballos reading for the part of Lois Lane. Whether Lane would appear on the back half of season 3 or next season remains to be seen, but this video suggests we will soon see the character nonetheless.


The character appears to be discussing her relationship with both Superman and Supergirl in the video above. It would be great to see Lane appear in the series as it is always great to see more and more of DC’s characters appear on screen. This also raises the question of whether we will see Superman appear again alongside Lois Lane.

Would you like to see Lois Lane appear on Supergrirl? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Omega Underground


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