A ‘LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’ Star Is Teasing A Romance Between Citizen Cold And Constantine

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It is no secret that romance is no stranger to the heroes of Legends of Tomorrow. And now according to Dominick Purcell, who plays Heatwave, this won’t change when the show returns from its winter hiatus. In addition to the drama between Citizen Steel and Vixen and White Canary’s many hookups, we will see a romance begin to kindle between Citizen Cold and John Constantine.

Citizen Cold as we will remember is Leonard Snart from another Earth who has joined the Waverider and Constantine is the charismatic magician who will appear in a few episodes of the series when it returns soon. During an interview with Nerdist Purcell described the scene between the two characters.

“Well, Trenchcoat [Constantine] has just arrived and I’ve only had one scene with him, and that was last week. He was hitting on Wentworth’s character. Isn’t Constantine bisexual? And it was all too much for Rory [Heatwave], so he just kind of walked out.”

“Rory watching Citizen Cold and Trenchcoat flirt with one another was like too much for Rory, so he just f****ing got out of there. That’s what I remember doing. It’s all too much! Too much information! Which makes it really funny. The scene is hysterical. We were all just on the floor laughing, so it’s all done in good fun.”

As we know Cold is in a relationship with the Ray on Earth X so this is most likely just a minor flirtation between the two rather than a romantic subplot. This is also obvious as Constantine will only be on the show for a short time, not long enough for the characters to develop any real romance.

How do you feel about this interaction between Citizen Cold and Constantine? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Nerdist




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