“BLACK LIGHTNING” S1 Ep01 “The Resurrection” Recap/Review (SPOILERS)

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Black Lightning premieres on the CW for the first time tonight. With an already impressive slate of superhero shows such as The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning looks to continue on carrying CW’s hot streak of successful DC shows and they did not disappoint.

The night Black Lightning was born again.

Black Lightning immediately starts off with a bang, calling out gang violence and police brutality in the first two scenes. After picking up his daughter from the police department from a peaceful protest turned violent, Jefferson and Anissa get into a heated discussion about protesting. During this scene my favorite quote from the episode happens to be said by Jefferson “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.” – Martin Luther King Jr. The next and most important scene of the episode really embraces that quote and it shows Jefferson’s strength.

The SECOND scene in Black Lightning is by far the most important scene in the episode. For the third time that month, Jefferson gets pulled over by police officers. The officers then aggressively pulls Jefferson out of the car. Anissa and Jennifer immediately start recording the officers’ excessive force on Jefferson. Laying on the hood of the car, Jefferson tries to calm his daughters down and begs the officers to “Don’t shoot.” Finally released by the officers, Jefferson questions why he was pulled over in the first place. A liquor store has just been robbed and apparently Jefferson, dressed in a suit and tie, driving a Volvo with two kids in the car somehow fits the description. Angered by the officer’s poor reasoning for pulling him over, Jefferson gives us our first glimpse of Black Lightning with his eyes glowing and electricity cackling in the air.

As the night continues, we see Jefferson youngest daughter, Jennifer, fall into the wrong crowd that puts herself and others in danger. After successfully saving his daughters from Lala, a local drug dealer under Tobias Whale, Jefferson’s not done yet. The reemergence of Black Lightning has put his past enemies on notice that the vigilante is back and they would do anything to stop him. The return of Black Lightning couldn’t have come at a better time because it looks like Anissa powers are now showing up. “The night in the storm with Thunder and Lightning as witnesses.” Anyone else catch that?

Black Lightning is off to a strong start tackling social issues such as gang violence and police brutality. The episode sparks conversation with viewers. Everyday moments in Black America is being shown in the comic book world by a Black superhero on television and it’s about time.

Black Lightning focuses on the human side of the characters rather than their aliases. At first I wasn’t high on Black Lightning’s costume when it was first revealed but it’s now starting to grow on me. The electric blue lightning effects are well done. There wasn’t a lot of action but the episode was more than satisfying. Overall the pilot episode has a great mix of family drama, action, and social commentary. It sucks to see Black Lightning is not apart of the Arrowverse, but maybe it’s for the best.

Rating: 8.9/10

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Black Lightning is on The CW every Wednesday at 9/8c.


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