Former ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK’ Director Opens Up About Potentially Working With DC Again

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Justice League Dark is one of the handful of DC films that has been stuck in development purgatory at Warner Bros. for some years now. Guillermo Del Toro was originally attached to write with hopes of him also committing to directing, but he left the project in 2015. Edge of Tomorrow and The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman was originally attached to direct Gambit for Fox, but departed ways in 2016. He went from one comicbook film to another when he was announced to be the director to finally bring Justice League Dark to the big screen. Unfortunately, the studio’s time frame on completing a script did not match with Liman’s schedule. He departed ways with the production in May of last year to focus on his next film Chaos Walking. Many people were very excited to see Liman’s name attached to any comicbook film; his filmography speaks for itself. JLD is still set to happen at the studio with the film now going back to early drawing board stages. This is of course a huge set back, but a necessary one in light of the recent shake up with the DC property and how it is now going to be overseen by The Conjuring and IT producer Walter Hamada at the studio.


ScreenRant recently sat down with Liman to discuss his new Youtube Red series Impulse. The series is based off the third novel in the Jumper series. Some may remember the Jumper film from 2008 starring Hayden Christensen. Leave it to Liman to bring this universe back to screens exactly ten years later. During the interview he was asked if he would be interested in returning to Warner Bros. to either direct JLD or any other DC film. It was mentioned that Walter Hamada is now overlooking the DC film slate- so there could be many open possibilities. Liman’s response may be slightly vague, but it leaves enough clarity for those who hope to see his name appear on screen at the end of a comicbook film:

I would be open to it. I have a very kind of contrarian approach to how I make things and I don’t want to do them the way other people have done them. You know, Impulse is an original take on superpower as you can imagine and still be satisfying. Because obviously there’s some things – you can be original and artsy and not… Part of the reason cliches exist is because they’re satisfying to the audience so my challenge as a filmmaker has always been to do something that’s really original and still totally satisfying on a big commercial level, which I feel we’ve done with Impulse and I’d be really interested in doing that within the DC world if the right piece of material comes along.

Liman certainly likes to choose his projects with precision. He is a busy man with a mind ready to wander in strange directions. If the right project were to rise within the DC film slate then he assures that he would take the shot. However, this time the project would of course have to be more organized (unlike his first go with JLD). This is Hamada’s job at the studio right now and it would not be crazy to think that Liman would be offered a directing position again. It might not be JLD considering how the script is currently being re-shaped. Who knows what new direction the story may be going in now. What is for sure is that having Liman back at work on another comicbook film would be great, but in the meantime people should be on the lookout for Impulse on Youtube Red.

Source: ScreenRant

Stay tuned for more updates on the DC film universe leading up to the release of Aquaman later this year- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101 on Twitter)

Impulse releases in 2018

Impulse – A young woman discovers she has the extraordinary power of teleportation.

Starring Gordon Harper, Keon Alexander, Genevieve Kang, and Rohan mead.


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