RUMOR: Marvel Is Cancelling All Of Their Animated Series

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The reception to many of Marvel’s Disney XD animated series including Avengers AssembleGuardians of the Galaxy, and its newest, Spider-Man has been very mixed. While the shows have built up a solid fan base over the years there are still many vocal critics of the series. So this new news may come as a shock to many since it is currently rumored that Marvel is currently planning on canceling all of their animated series.

The report was first run by the animation industry blog Tomb of the Cartoon Monkey Skeleton, animators working on these series have been told once work is done of the current line up of episodes the series will not be renewed. The site is quoted as saying,

“Some of Marvel Animation’s shows are going on hiatus and (we’re told) crews being laid off. Crew members say that much MA work will be completed in the next few months.”

The writer of the site, Steve Hulett a former Hollywood animator himself, has said that,

“The word from Marvel employees is …. things are up in the air. Staffers are looking at layoffs that will be happening soon, the studio (for now) is NOT moving back to a larger building in Burbank (they are now in Glendale), so things are … kind of muddy?”

So, for now, it seems that the future of these series is up in the air with many unsure whether they will return or not. Many of these shows have existed in one way or another for years now, with Guardians of the Galaxy on its third season, while Spider-Man has only been around for six months.

Are you upset to hear this news? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Tomb of the Cartoon Monkey Skeleton


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