Todd MacFarlane Speaks On Possible Uncut Version of ‘Spawn’

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Spawn is slowly becoming one of the most anticipated Superhero films to be released in the near future. Todd MacFarlane is updating us as the film progresses through stages. What we know so far is that Todd doesn’t want this to be an average superhero film; but a horror movie version, Blumhouse is producing the movie (which makes anybody who is a fan of the supernatural nuance of Spawn happy), the film will be rated R, and that casting has begun. Oh, and that MacFarlane wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Twitch in the film.

What we know of horror movies is that they normally have an uncut/uncensored/unrated version when released on digital, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. Going beyond the limits of what the MPAA allows for a theatrical release. In an interview with, MacFarlane spoke about a possible uncut version of Spawn.

Here’s what MacFarlane had to say on the matter:

“I haven’t [thought that far ahead] but I’ll give you my reaction. Those are a lot of movies where they shoot a bunch of stuff and the extras are all the stuff they didn’t use. My brain right now is everything that we’ve got in the script, we’re gonna end up using. If we don’t use it, it will be because the scene wasn’t interesting, or didn’t drive the movie forward for some reason, or didn’t work in the editing bay.”

It seems that there won’t be a necessity for an uncut film. Everything MacFarlane uses in the film will basically be his Director’s Cut. He already wants the film to be, dark, gritty, violent, and horror thrilled.

“I don’t know that we’re gonna have to do the uncut version. I keep trying to explain to people, when I say [rated] R, I’m not talking Deadpool. It’s a successful movie, I’m not saying it’s not. But to me, Deadpool the way that it’s presented is a PG-13 superhero comic book movie that happens to have a naked butt and a few curse words. I don’t really think of that as a true R; to me, R is drama. I thought that Logan pushed it further… I don’t want there to be any elements that say we’re superhero esque. I don’t want to send a mixed message in this movie.”

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you hope we get an even more scary, violent, gritty Spawn film after the theatrical release? Tweet us your thoughts @SuperBroMovies! We will update on the film as we get the information!


– Rascal F. Kennedy


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