‘FANTASTIC BEASTS’ Director David Yates Reveals French Word for ‘MUGGLE’; Talks Paris Setting

The cool thing about  Fantastic Beasts is that fact that it takes us to a world fans have grown too familiar with and expands upon that in new and exciting ways, adding to the already long list of lore and nostalgia. It was previously revealed that all five of the Fantastic Beasts would be set in different cities all around the world.

With the original Harry Potter saga taking place in England, fans were excited to know that the same customs and magical traditions existed in the United States and other powerful nations in the world. In the first Fantastic Beasts film, it was revealed that instead of referring to non-magic folk as muggles, Americans called them no-majs.

This trend continues in the upcoming sequel Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Most of the film will be taking place in Paris, France which, of course, begs the question: what do the French call muggles?

The answer?  “Non-magique.”

Image result for fantastic beasts 2

Along with this news, director David Yates, who recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly, talked about the excitement of exploring the wizarding communities within different cultures and settings.

“[The wizarding world in Paris is] quite glamorous, it’s quite beautiful. There’s a community that lives alongside the muggle community, it’s much freer than in New York, where there’s segregation. Paris is a bit like England, actually, not so hung up about the differences between the two. Magical people can freely move into non-magical communities as long as they’re discrete about their talents.”

Are you looking forward to this new exploration-based style of storytelling that will allow fans a window into how wizards and witches live in different countries? Be sure to let us know @superbromovies!

Source: EW



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