Mark Millar Wants THOR: RAGNAROK’s TESSA THOMPSON To Play New Kick-Ass

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Mark Millar has been hard at work with the new reboot of his popular Kick-Ass comic series. The big news about the reboot is the fact that it will no longer be Dave Lizewski, who was played by Aaron Taylor Johnson, in the 2010 film as well as its 2013 sequel, but a new version of the character would be under the mask.

The new hero is named Patience Lee and fans have been clamoring to know just who would be playing the new iteration of the hero if a new film adaptation was to be made.

Well, Millar himself has a fan-cast of his own. See his tweet below:

Thompson has been making a name for herself in Hollywood with her roles in Creed, Selma, and, most recently, Thor: Ragnarok earning her praise from fans and critics alike. Her ability to portray a dangerous and self-confident individual and command the screen while sharing it with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Michael B. Jordan, and Jeff Goldblum has proven that she has what it takes to hold her own as a hero in the dark gritty world of Kick-Ass.

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Millar has recently signed a deal to sell his intellectual properties to Netflix, so a new Kick-Ass TV series could be coming to the streaming services soon. Will Millar get his wish and have Thompson in the starring role?

What do you think? Would Tessa Thompson make a good Patience Lee? Do you think there will be a reboot of the Kick-Ass film franchise in the wake of the new comics? Let us know @superbromovies.

Source: Twitter 


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