Twitch & Disney Digital Announce Partnership

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After successfully becoming one of, if not the number one, streaming services for gaming content it looks like Twitch will keep growing its network. Twitch has announced they have partnered with Disney Digital Network. The partnership will bring four of Disney Digital biggest content creator to produce exclusive content to Twitch.


Disney Digital will be bringing over Jacksepticeye, LuzuGames, Markiplier, and Strawburry17 over to Twitch as part of the deal. Nothing has been announced on what exact content they will be producing for Twitch but more details will be shared later. Jack and Mark will still make content on their YouTube channels with them having a big presence on what would be Twitch’s biggest rival.

Twitch confirmed that each content producer will control what they stream and produce exclusively to Twitch. Michael Aragon, SVP of Content from Twitch released the following statement about the deal.

“The growth of Twitch is based on listening to our content creators and building the features they need to be successful, including our robust approach to monetization, moderation, and interactive technology. We look forward to working with Disney Digital Network and their large stable of popular entertainers to showcase all that we have to offer, including a passionate and supportive community.”

Andrew Sugerman, EVP of Publishing and Digital Media, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media also made a statement.

“We’re always looking to create opportunities for our Disney Digital Network digital talent to bring their stories and content to more fans in new ways. Partnering with Twitch gives our biggest creators access to the platform’s tools, expertise and community to directly engage with and build their audiences.”

This deal seems to give Twitch a huge advantage by partnering with Disney. The deal would make more viewers likely to watch their favorite content producer on Twitch while also having the Disney brand and reach helping boost their platform.

What do you think of this deal? Are you excited by this or do you think this is another story of Disney trying to corner the market in everything? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCornerJohnathan Brin

Source: BleedingCool


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