Upcoming ‘LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’ Episode To Revolve Around A Young Barack Obama

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It seems like the CW hit show Legends of Tomorrow is about to get very interesting with its time traveling. A new report claims that an upcoming episode from the current season of the show will include a young version of U.S President Barack Obama. So yeah, no big deal.


TV Line reports that the upcoming episode set in the past will revolve around a teenage Barack Obama as a student at Occidental College. The team will be heading back to the 70s once again, and production will begin next month with a release date set for April. The site also reports that the casting is currently underway for an actor to play Young Obama, so we’ll be learning soon who will be playing the young 44th President.

Fans of the show know this isn’t the first time that it has included a U.S president, but Obama would be the most recent one yet. Personally, I’m excited to see what they will do with him as I think they are plenty of possibilities. Going back in time is a huge part of what makes the show enjoyable, so its cool to see them putting it to good use.

Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere hits the CW on Feb. 12.

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– Marcos Melendez

Source: TV Line








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