Paul Bettany Is In Talks To Replace Matt Smith On ‘THE CROWN’

It has just been revealed that Paul Bettany is in talks to replace Matt Smith on the Netflix original The Crown. Bettany would be playing Prince Phillip who has been played by Smith for the past two seasons of the show alongside Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth. Bettany would be joined by Olivia Colman who is taking over for Foy as the Queen.

The Crown is going to cover all of Queen Elizabeth’s reign up to present day with the intention of six seasons, changing the actors every two seasons. Each new set of actors will visit the royal family at a later and later point in their lives.

Netflix has not yet confirmed Bettany taking over for Smith so for now, we will have to wait for confirmation. Bettany is currently a star of the MCU playing the android Vision. It has been rumored that Vision may be one of the casualties of Avengers: Infinity War so this would free him up to star in The Crown. This project would most likely take up Bettany’s time for the next two years so it would greatly interfere with filming as Vision.

Would you like to see Bettany take over for Smith on The Crown? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Just Jared

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