Gary Oldman Wants A Role In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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In an interview at SAG Awards last night in Los Angeles, Gary Oldman, who played Jim Gordon, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, has spoken out and has said that he would like to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I personally would love to see Oldman join the MCU. Not only because he would be added to a growing list of actors that have roles in the MCU and DCU, but an actor of his talent deserves to be in the MCU. I have come up with fancast of few characters that I think would be perfect for Oldman to play.

Charles Xavier of the x-men.jpg

Charles Xavier –

When he played the role of James Gordon, a detective who eventually became a commissioner, was one of the smartest characters to appear in the Batman trilogy. With Disney-Fox deal officially happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Marvel president Kevin Feige decides to recast the X-Men as they make their entrance into the MCU. In my opinion, Professor X has to be at the point where he has taught the best that he could to his students that he could. I think the original X-Men has to be older and mature adults coming into the MCU. Oldman as Professor X, I think would be a very good choice because he can provide the wisdom and provide the leadership. Let Oldman, at least throw his name in the hat for the role, if Patrick Stewart decides he’s officially retired from the role.

the watcher marvel

The Watcher –

One of the main reasons why I have put the Watcher on here is because the Watcher sees everything. He knows everything that happens in the MCU. I think Oldman is at the point where he deserves a big role. If he is to voice a character, I think the Watcher would be a fit for Oldman because if you play Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, who was brilliant in his time, you have to think that he is very deserving of a big role in the MCU. The Watcher could be the key to what I think will be a franchise changing difference for Marvel’s Phase 4 and beyond.

ben urich marvel

Ben Urich –

Since Marvel hasn’t introduced the Netflix world within the MCU, I think it is a possibility that if Oldman was not to be a superhero or of some power, I could see him take on the role of a very dedicated journalist that covers the dangerous stuff that no other else who would risk their lives or families in investigating the truth. Oldman could become Ben Urich, a journalist who is not afraid to take the chance and expose the truth that could affect not only villains, but also heroes. Urich in Netflix’s Daredevil was someone who was helping to get the truth out before he was killed. But before he was killed, Urich set a standard for what an investigative reporter should do, find the truth no matter what it takes.

Iron Patriot as Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn –

If Oldman were to play a villain, I truly believe that being Harry Osborn and leader of the Dark Avengers would be pretty exciting because not only would Osborn puts on the Iron Patriot suit, he would also have the ability to lead a team of powered villains and show how to run a team. I think Oldman is a leader and he is not afraid to risk the situation that they are in.

Dr. Octopus

Dr. Octopus –

Lastly, I think Doctor Octopus is an intriguing role for Oldman to play in the MCU, I think Oldman deserves a choice to choose some of the biggest names in the MCU. With Spider-Man in the MCU, played by Tom Holland, I think Oldman would be a great choice to be a villain in the Spiderverse. I see Oldman as someone who needs to appear in the Spider-Man Universe and be a pain in the butt for Spider-Man.

All in all, though, I would love to see Oldman become another actor who has participated in the DC Universe to join the Marvel Universe. I would love to see Oldman become a Marvel character, another iconic character at that. It doesn’t matter to me what role he chooses to take on once he is in the MCU, it will be an exciting time when he joins!

You can watch the confirmation through @getFANDOM‘s Twitter that he makes when says he wants to join the MCU below:

Let us know what you think is the best role for Gary Oldman to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe by tweeting @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot

Source: FANDOM’s Twitter


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