‘CLOVERFIELD 3’ News; Space Setting Confirmed, Possible Netflix Release, And Title Potentially Revealed

Cloverfield 3 is carrying on the tradition of the previous Cloverfield movies with its very mysterious marketing. It’s set to release on April 20th of this year, and we still haven’t had any big announcements surrounding it. We just got a lot of news about it, though, including its setting, release, and possible title.

When Cloverfield 3 was known under the title God Particle, it was set to be about a group of scientists on a space station who accidentally destroy the Earth with a particle accelerator. The film would revolve around these scientists as they fight for survival. Since then, though, the film has undergone many changes, and it’s unknown wether or not this is still the premise. But thanks to one of the stars, Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Bastards, Captain America: Civil War), the setting has been confirmed to be set on a space station. In a recent interview with Collider, he talked about his experience training to play an astronaut.

“I went to UCLA and I met some very brilliant students and scientists there. It was only 2% of the information that I was given by them that I remotely understood. It’s based on many interesting ideas about a near future scenario, which is an interesting vision of what could happen or what might happen with the Earth. I’m bit scared to talk about it because it’s so extremely secretive. I’m afraid of ending up in a Bad Robot prison.”

While the plot of the movie may not be the same as it once was, we can say for sure that it will take place in space.

Brühl also discussed why he joined Cloverfield 3.

“I was aware of the movies and wanted to enter that universe that they created. J.J. Abrams is such a mastermind in that genre. It was very attractive to work with all of these wonderful actors. I’ve always wanted to do a space movie, so I couldn’t wait to end up floating in space and solving huge problems.”

This space setting should make for a very interesting Cloverfield movie, and one unlike the two to come before it. It’s still very unclear how these movies relate to one another.

The next bit of news comes from Jeff Sneider, EIC of The Tracking Board, who says the film may have lost its theatrical release and will be heading to Netflix.

The film has been delayed numerous times and at one time was even supposed to come out next month. Perhaps all these delays have caused the studio to lose faith in the project, so a Netflix release would be more suitable. This news should be taken with a grain of salt considering there’s no official source.

The last news regards the possible title of Cloverfield 3. A Redditor has found the LinkedIn of a Chinese lighting artist, Rui Xu, who claims his latest project was Cloverfield Station.

While this news should also be taken with some skepticism, the name would go in line with the plot of the film. Perhaps that’s the name of the station the astronauts are assigned to.


That’s all the Cloverfield 3 news for now, but be sure to stay tuned as much more information should be coming soon. –Caleb Sadd

Sources – Collider, Twitter, Reddit

Cloverfield 3 is set to release on April 20th.

Cloverfield 3 stars Daniel Brühl and Elizabeth Debicki and is directed by Julius Onah.

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