‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Lands TV Pilot on FX

The Jermaine Clements/Taika Waititi film What We Do in the Shadows is coming to FX. The film came out in 2014, and is done in documentary style. It’s a horror/comedy mockumentary about vampires trying to live in modern times. The tv show has been in talks for awhile, but Clements and Waititi were having trouble finding a network to take the show. FX is known for its creator driven material, which gives this show much room to work with.

We do not know much concerning a plot, but we do know that Clements and Waititi are directing and writing; they are also the executive producers for the show. Matt Berry (Toast of London), Kayvan Novak (Paddington), stand up comedian Natasia Demetriou, and Harvey Guillen (Magicians) have been cast in the show. There’s no word yet if the cast will be playing the characters from the film. I’m sure if they do we may see Waititi and Clements pop in as Viago and Vladislaw in an episode or two.

The news came from Variety, and they also stated that according to Fandango the show will move from New Zealand to the United States. This will definitely create all new kinds of material to be used during the show. For fans of the film, this news is great. They finally have something to feed into their fandom. The film will probably not get a sequel due to Thor: Ragnarok’s success, which is leading to a very busy Taika Waititi. Clements is also very busy as a season regular for FX’s Legion, he’s also appeared on HBO’s Divorce, and Moana. This is what makes a tv show more reasonable for the two.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the pilot landing on FX? Send us your thoughts @SuperBroMovies! We love hearing from you guys!

We will keep you guys updated as the news comes in about the show!

Source: ScreenRant

Rascal F. Kennedy

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