‘BLACK LIGHTING’ S1Ep02 “LaWanda: The Book of Hope” Recap/Review

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“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Is he back?

That is the question on everyone’s mind on tonight’s episode of Black Lightning. After rescuing his daughters Anissa and Jennifer from the 100 Gang from last week’s episode, Black Lightning has been pushed back into the spotlight. The return of Black Lightning in last week’s episode has given citizens of Freeland new hope as they struggle with The One Hundred.

The episode starts with Jefferson and Lynn picking right back up where they left off last episode. Things have begun to heat back up between Lynn and Jefferson. With the return of Black Lightning, Lynn fears Jefferson is back to his old ways but that’s not the case. Jefferson reassures Lynn those days are over. BLK102b_0119r‘UNLESS ALL OF US WILL BE FREE, NONE OF US WILL BE’

The return of Black Lightning has caused an uproar both good and bad. Although many citizens are happy with the return of Black Lightning, parents are questioning why vigilante saved only Jefferson’s daughters and not the rest of the victims.  (It’s a valid question since Black Lightning was at the Seahorse Hotel where the One Hundred gang usually stays.) Getting nowhere, one mother decides to rescue her daughter on her own, LaWanda White. Despite Jefferson’s plea to stay away from the One Hundred, Lawanda parks her car in front of the Seahorse Hotel, hoping to get a glimpse of her daughter, only to end in tragedy when Lawanda was shot and killed by Lala after confronting him.BLK102b_0265rDespite Jefferson’s daughters are safe at home, it looks like his brief stint as Black Lightning will return to full force. The threat of the One Hundred gang and Tobias Whale has Jefferson in a tight spot as he tries to balance love and responsibility.

The ending of Black Lightning was almost the same as last week’s. Black Lightning in his glowing suit has another bad ass fighting sequence. Showing off his electrics powers, Black Lightning once again defeats the One Hundred Gang and evade the cops in the process. The scene wasn’t necessarily about the action, (which was great). I got the impression this was Jefferson entrance back into crime fighting. The way he walks into the building as the doorman greets him like an old friend. The cheers and shouts from bystanders as he walked by. Jefferson Pierce was home once again. BLK102a_0139r Black Lightning hasn’t lost it’s intensity from the first episode. Even though I’m unhappy with the with the Lynn and Jefferson ‘breakup,’ I knew it had to happen but I didn’t want it to be so early! I also  have feeling Jefferson’s co-worker, Ms. Fowdy could be a potential love interest. It’s hard to tell but I have a gut feeling about her. (We’ll just have to wait and see) I also loved that each of the main characters seem to have a love interest early in the season. Jefferson,  Anissa, and Jennifer’s love interest each have their partners love interest at heart. After watching the first two episodes, I noticed both Anissa and Jefferson powers both react on emotion. Jefferson when his anger gets the best of him and Anissa when she’s scared or having panic attacks.blk_first_look_thunderx750_0I’m so excited for what’s to come for Anissa. Anissa is television’s first black lesbian superhero to grace the screen. This episode really showed she has a family that loves and supports her the entire way and it was a great moment to see. I honestly can’t wait to see her character growth on the show.

It was clear in the first episode Tobias Whale was Black Lightning’s true antagonist. More screen for Tobias in the future I hope. We’ll just have to wait and see.



Rating: 8.4/10

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Black Lightning is on The CW every Wednesday at 9/8c.



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