Marvel President Talks Disney Streaming Service And Future of Netflix Shows

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Disney is busy at work with their bevy of film releases taking place this year and the recent acquisition of Fox. It had been known for quite some time that Disney will be trying their hand at their own online streaming service that will not only give fans access to their library of films but new shows and films exclusive to the service as well.

Given Marvel’s previous relationships with other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and the fact that Marvel Studios is owned by Disney, fans have understandably been curious as to what the future will hold for show like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Punisher. 

During a conversation with Bloomberg , President of Marvel Entertainment Dan Buckley shed some light on the future of the shows and platforms on which these Marvel shows will air.

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“We obviously want the Marvel Television series currently on Netflix to have a long and lauded run,” Buckley said, adding that new projects, however, would seek out “networks and platforms that are the best fit for that content, including the Disney-branded streaming service.”

Marvel has spread its TV projects around quite a bit over the last few years with Freeform getting in on the action in recent months, so while fans are still likely to be concerned over the future of the more adult-themed shows on Netflix, it will be years and years and years that they will have to worry about Marvel TV shows not having a presence.

Disney’s streaming service is already rumored to include shows based on the Star Wars franchise. It is a good plan to get their foot in the door of streaming services and will undoubtedly be a wild success when it finally launches.

Source: Bloomberg


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