‘ARROW’ S6 Ep11 “We Fall” Recap/Review

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Team Arrow as we knew it is no more so when Cayden James launches multiple coordinated attacks throughout the city, the two teams must put aside their differences. This week on Arrow!

The episode kicks off with a string of attacks, first, the brakes had been cut on a councilman’s car which leads to his death, then some medical equipment in a hospital malfunctions killing a staff member and finally, an elevator electrocutes 5 people including police commissioner Pike.

Oliver hears the news of the attacks from Lance as he gets ready to send William on a field trip. Oliver, John, and Felicity to bring the former members of the team into the fold and as soon as they do Curtis’ T-Sphere receives a sort of message from Vigilante, revealing his location.

Curtis, Rene and, Dinah head to the location where Vincent talks to Curtis aside and gives him information about an attack on the subway that’s happening later in the day. Back at city hall, Oliver receives a visit from Cayden James who reveals Oliver killed his son one year ago today and will only stop the attacks if he receives $10 million a day until further notice.



The team realizes that Oliver wasn’t in Star City at the time of James’ son’s death so someone framed him for it. Curtis and the rest of B-team head to the subway, which turns out to have actually been a target. Dinah proceeds to stop two trains from colliding using her sonic scream.

Oliver then heads to the tunnel out of the city which William is in on his way to his field trip. Explosions start occurring throughout the tunnel but Oliver is able to save William from any more harm. However, William is unhappy that his dad was lying to about still being the Green Arrow.

Felicity then finds out that James received a package from Corta Maltese that had evidence framing Oliver for the death of James’ son. Vigilante then sends Curtis and B-team another message giving them the location of the next attack. The team arrives as well as Oliver and John who they called for assistance.

They are able to take out James’ men and stop them from harming anyone, with help from Vigilante who saved Rene’s life during the attack. William watches on as his dad saves people’s lives and begins to understand why his dad does it. In the end, James continues to attack the city so Oliver makes the decision to transfer him the money.


“We Fall” was another solid episode of Arrow. With the teams being split it leads the story into multiple directions which this week helped play to the show’s strengths. The Vigilante side plot made for really good television in that having a villain play the double agent is always exciting to watch.

The acting was superb in this episode, especially Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity who really embraced her role as William’s stepmom. The action scene at the end that was dubbed over by William and Felicity discussing why Oliver has to be the Green Arrow was one of the best of the season. Overall there wasn’t much to dislike about this episode. 8/10 Jackson Hayes

Arrow airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on the CW


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