‘BILL AND TED 3’ Gets New Title; Synopsis Revealed

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It has been a solid 27 years since the world has seen Bill and Ted in action. With that being said, what’s taken so long? While speaking with DigitalSpy, Ed Solomon gave out a few new details on the movie and why it’s taking such a long time to create.

Ed Solomon created the characters with Chris Matheson and together they wrote both of the movies. When asked about the painstaking process of getting this movie going, he said:

We have been working for almost 10 years to get this thing made; Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, Chris Matheson, me… we have a director – Dean Parisot, who did Galaxy Quest – Steven Soderbergh is one of our producers. We have a wonderful assembly of people. We have a script that we really are proud of, that we worked very hard on, that we’ve done many iterations of – and we did it on spec, meaning we spent years working on it because we wanted to get it right, creatively.

That’s a whole decade dedicated to this movie already. He talked about how they finally got a director and praised the rest of the crew working on the movie. It was also said that a lot of effort went into the script to make it the best it could possibly be. Ed really, really, cares about this movie and expanded further on his love for the story.

This is not, ‘Hey let’s all cash-in on the Bill & Ted thing for money’ – this is the opposite. This is, ‘We love these characters, they’ve been with us for our whole lives’ – Chris and me, and Alex and Keanu – and we wanted to visit them again as middle-aged men. We thought it would be really fun, and funny, and sweet.

The whole reason this movie is being made is because they legitimately love these goofy people they brought to life. The movie didn’t do big numbers but it did get quite a cult-like following. I think the movies are hilarious and it is obvious that they had a blast making the film. The new movie will be called Bill and Ted Face the Music and it will indeed star Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter once again!

The premise of the movie will be them in their 50’s, traveling back in time to talk with their younger selves using footage that wasn’t used in the older movies. One big obstacle in the making of the movie was the death of their mentor in the movie, George Carlin. His absence will be addressed in the movie as well as a few little easter eggs of sorts that pay tribute to him.


Solomon talked about how he’s still in meetings trying to get the green-light. Hollywood however, wants a reboot of the film rather than an actual direct sequel. With less support from them, getting a budget has proven to be far more difficult. Looking on the past, many studios passed on the project due to its lack of success. Now, Solomon is confident that whoever invests in it will make their money back due to the growth of fans over the decades.

To wrap up the talk, Solomon really proved how much the movie meant to him. He pins his happiness on the movie actually. In full, he said:

It’s never gonna be a movie that me and Chris Matheson get rich on. I’ve never made much money off of Bill & Ted. We never get profits from it, our salaries were very small from it, but it’s the one movie in my life that… if I’d never done anything but Bill & Ted, I would’ve been really happy.

It never was and never will be about the money for them. That is a beautiful thought and I’m glad he loves the story so much. I hope everything ends up working out because I would absolutely love to see this happen. What are your thoughts on Bill and Ted Face the Music? Let us know your thoughts over at SuperBroMovies!

– JB Baker

Source – DigitalSpy




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