‘DAREDEVIL’ Season 3 Adds JOANNE WHALLEY As SISTER MAGGIE, Matt Murdock’s Mother

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The end of Defenders season one left us with a damaged Matt Murdock being taken care of by mysterious nurses. As he awakes, one of the nurses calls for another and says, “Get Maggie. Tell her he’s awake.” In the comics, Sister Maggie is Matt Murdock’s mother, and it has been said that she will play a part in Daredevil Season 3. There has now been word that Joanne Whalley will play that character.

daredevil-season-3-born-again-sister-maggie-1015935 (1).jpg

The executive producer shared his excitement for having Whalley on the show.

“We are big fans of Joanne’s work and are fortunate that someone of her caliber will be joining our already talented family. Joanne is a rare talent and a terrific creative collaborator. Watching her bring her role to life has the writers all pinching ourselves.”

Daredevil Season 3 will likely follow the Frank Miller Born Again storyline from the comics. In that, Sister Maggie nurses Matt Murdock to full strength.

It is worth noting that Deadline does not directly state Joanne Whalley as playing Matt’s mother, only as Sister Maggie, but it is safe to assume the character will have the same relationship to Daredevil as her comic counterpart.

Joanne Whalley is most known for playing roles on shows and movies such as Wolf HallThe Borgias, and Gossip Girl.

Caleb Sadd

Source – Deadline


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