Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4: ‘What Ails You’ Review

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Spoilers Ahead!!!

Season two of Telltale’s interpretation of Batman has been up and down. After season one set the bar so high it’s only reasonable that the sequel would have problems living up to the original. Really it was surprising to me after such an impressive first episode that the season could slip like it has. Episode two was the worst of any of the nine episodes so far, but three seemed to redeem it a bit. Four, however; could have made me finally realize why this season is nowhere near season one levels of greatness.

This season we’ve been progressively playing less and less as The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, THE BATMAN!!!! It came to an all-time high in episode four as we didn’t even play as him once. Don’t get me wrong here I love playing as Bruce Wayne but we all want to play as Batman. So why isn’t TellTale letting us??

A redeeming quality this season has had is John Doe’s story. Personally, he has been by far my favorite character this season. John’s transformation into the Joker is going to be directly influenced by you and it’s doing wonders for the season. For instance, mine ends the episode by telling the agency him and Batman (who he believes to know Bruce is) will get rid of them. He wants to do good for the city but we certainly know the way he goes about it won’t be very good.

As for the rest of The Pact their story seems to have come to an end for this season except for Harley.  As she is the only one to escape the agency when the heist is sabotaged by Bruce.

Alfred still being traumatized by last season’s experience really hits you right in the gut. We’ve seen Bruce become more of Alfred’s caretaker instead of the other way around. Now with Tiffany finally knowing I’m Batman, I expect her to take over her dad and Alfred’s role. Maybe even take the name Oracle? As for other side characters where was Catwoman? Telltale felt the need to bring her back for episode three but just cast her to the side right after? She better return in the finale as she is one of the best characters in this series. With the conclusion coming I imagine Bruce will need her help defending Gotham. Also no Jim Gordon, well that’s fine with me, as he’s been nothing but a drag for me in the previous episodes.

The agency could be seeing a major shakeup in the next episode, as Waller’s intentions seem to be getting more and more murky. Agent Avesta has really become torn in her role with the agency and worries they will just revert back to their old ways. This could be really interesting for the finale. Where it stands though it feels like this storyline is a bit rushed and forced.

This season has had its problem and I’m hoping the finale can redeem itself and give us a truly great ending for season two. I will be the first in line to tell Telltale how to improve for the next episode too. HAVE US PLAY AS BATMAN. This is a Batman game, have us play as Batman. It would allow us also to slow down on people finding out Bruce is Batman, I mean for christ sake even John knows you’re Batman. It’s pretty obvious and I’m not sure how everyone else involved in this season hasn’t seen it. Also, why is the highly recognizable Bruce Wayne out committing crimes without even covering his face in the slightest? That’s a great PR move after the whole city turning on you in season one.

Like I’ve said so many times in this review this episode not having us suit up once is a tremendous blow to the episode and with abandoning some of our supporting characters to focus on this pact storyline really isn’t helping the season. This episode doesn’t live up to the standard set by previous episodes at all, I say this could possibly be the worst episode. I rate this a 5.5/10

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Collin Stetzner


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