‘BLACK LIGHTNING’ S1Ep03 “LaWanda: The Book of Burial” Recap/Review


Following the events of last week’s episode, Jefferson Pierce continues to struggle whether or not Black Lightning is what the city of Freeland needs.

Tonight’s episode starts with preparations for LaWanda White funeral, the mother who was tragically killed by the One Hundred Gang leader, Lala after trying to save her daughter. Lawanda’s church reverend calls for a peaceful march in protest of the One Hundred for the death of Lawanda. Jefferson and Inspector Henderson warn the reverend the repercussions of the march but it falls on deaf ears.


Next scene we find Anissa testing her powers in a junkyard. The audience gets only a glimpse of Anissa’s abilities. From what we’ve seen so far, it appears Anissa has super strength. After successfully tossing around a few washing machines, Anissa hit the library to learn as much as she can about genetic mutation. There she meets a new potential love interest, Grace Choi.


For those of you who don’t know, Grace Choi is a DC Comics metahuman with super strength and physical resilience as powers and a member of The Outsiders.

After seeing Anissa books about genetic mutation, Grace encourages to read The Outsiders,(Yes, the real Outsiders) and invites her out to a cosplay party at a club she works at. (She name drops Supergirl!)

Anissa isn’t the only sister trying to figure things out. Jennifer and her boyfriend Khalil decided they’re ready to have sex, which leads to an uncomfortable, but an open conversation with her parents at family dinner. The shock wears off on Lynn and Jefferson the next morning. Lynn sets up a doctor’s appointment for Jennifer and Jefferson goes full protective dad mode at Khalil at school.


This weeks episode introduced new characters and a few Easter eggs. No character was bigger than Lady Eve (Jill Scott). Lady Eve steals the show for tonight’s episode. From the outside, she looks harmless, but don’t take her threats lightly. Lady Eve warns Tobias Whale to take care of the Black Lightning emergence before things get out of control. Still convinced he killed Black Lightning years ago, Tobias sends a member of the One Hundred Gang to go to the march for LaWanda and strike fear into the hearts of the citizens of Freeland.


Anticipating an attack, Jefferson and Gambit prepare for this and stops the One Hundred Gang from causing any major harm. Tobias finally sees Black Lightning with his own eyes order his henchman to kill him. Instead, she shoots the reverend in the chest and Jennifer’s boyfriend Khalil. Both have survived the attack but the bullet hit Khalil spine and he will never walk again.

Despite saving most of the citizens from any harm, the police department still feels Black Lightning is doing more harm than good returning. Citizens come to Black Lightning’s defense, praising him for his bravery and his return.

Another solid episode by Black Lightning. I really like the Pierce family dynamic. Jefferson and Lynn seem to have a healthy relationship with their daughters and supports them 100%. Anissa reluctance to reveal she has powers is understandable. I can’t wait to see how that plays out. Will she go to Black Lightning for advice first? Only time will tell.

The action for Black Lightning is starting off a little slow, but I totally get it. Jefferson is still reluctant to return as Black Lightning but how long will that last. The episode dropped a couple of new characters and easter eggs I can’t wait to see explored. Overall it was a good episode. Keep it up Black Lightning, news of an extension should be coming any day now. (Hopefully)

Rating: 8.5/10

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Black Lightning is on The CW every Wednesday at 9/8c.

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