‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ Microtransactions Are Returning Due To Underperforming

After so much backlash and then removing them, EA has now pulled another reversal with microtransactions set to return to Star Wars: Battlefront II within the next few months. The reason for the apparent second reversal is due to the game under performing compared to the first game.


Battlefront II shipped 9 million copies during its first quarter while Battlefront I shipped 13 million being 4 million short. EA reportedly was predicting to ship 10 million copies but ended up still being short of what the studio wanted.

EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen told the WSJ that the game will be bringing back microtransactions in a response to the underperformance. The microtransactions will be returning within the next few months after being removed before the game’s launch. The game received backlash for them after gamer’s found out loot boxes would affect gameplay and would essentially have players paying real life money for good gear in the game.

What are your thoughts on this news? Does this make you happy or mad that microtransactions are coming back to Battlefront II? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCorner Johnathan Brin

Source: SJW Twitter

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