All The New Movie Trailers Coming Out During Super Bowl LII

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The 52nd Super Bowl is airing this Sunday as the Philadelphia Eagles face off against the New England Patriots. While that may not be exciting for many people, there are always the commercials to look forward to, specifically the movie trailers. This year will bring us many new trailers for upcoming 2018 blockbusters. Here’s a list of all the major trailers we know of.

Disney is coming in strong with trailers for all their major properties.

Marvel’s Black Panther releases midway through this month, so it’s a perfect time to get some last minute advertising in. I don’t imagine Marvel will unveil a whole new trailer with lots of new footage, but a short spot reminding fans to pick up their tickets is expected.

Marvel’s previous two May releases (Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) both had trailers aired during the Super Bowl, so Avengers: Infinity War will likely follow in those footsteps. This second trailer will be a smaller one, but it will no doubt unveil new and exciting information.


Disney is also presumably going to unveil a new trailer for A Wrinkle In Time, which we’ve already seen a trailer for, and the highly anticipated Incredibles 2. A teaser has been released for this film already, but fans are hoping to get their first look at some action come Super Bowl Sunday.

If Disney releases all these trailers, they will have 3-4 spots during the Super Bowl. According to Deadline, a 30 second spot this year costs studios around $5 million. This would put Disney at $15-20 million in expenses just for the Super Bowl.

Even though Solo: A Star Wars Story only releases a few short weeks after Infinity War, we still haven’t gotten any footage from the film. Lucasfilm has been expected to start the advertising campaign for Solo during the Super Bowl, but that won’t be the case.  We’ll get our first look at Solo on GMA the next day, February 5th, as reported by Discussing Film. We only have to wait a little longer to get our first looks at Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian.



Paramount is another studio looking to show up big at the Super Bowl. They reportedly have two time spots: one for pre-game and one during the last half hour.

These two spots will be given to Mission: Impossible – Fallout and John Krasinski’s horror thriller A Quiet PlaceMission Impossible will no doubt garner the attention of many, and this will be its first trailer. A Quiet Place is more unknown, so hopefully they have another convincing trailer.


Paramount’s other film, Cloverfield 3 (rumored to be called Cloverfield Station), which comes out in April would be expected to have a spot during the Big Game, but there have been several delays and its been rumored that Netflix will now release the movie. Deadline reports that Netflix will be revealing their acquisition of the movie with its first trailer during the Super Bowl.

Universal is another big studio revealing trailers for their big movies. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will get its second trailer. Universal is likely expecting this to be another smash hit like its predecessor. We will also see footage from Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper

That’s a lot of trailers for the night, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled even when football’s not on the screen. But if that’s not your thing, you can always just view the trailers online once the studios release them shortly after they’re aired.

Don’t expect to see any footage from Aquaman or Venom, though. Both Warner Brothers and Sony will not be contributing to the Big Game

Which trailer are you looking most forward to? Let us know on Twitter @SuperBroMovies. –Caleb Sadd

Sources – DeadlineDiscussing Film

Super Bowl LII premieres this Sunday, February 4th, on NBC.



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