‘Black Panther’ Almost Included Young Avenger ‘Patriot’

Black Panther introduced Wakanda and a whole new collection of characters but it also almost included one more big character. Ryan Coogler and writer Joe Robert Cole revealed that early on in the story the movie almost included Elijah “Eli” Bradley. For those who do not know who that is, he is Patriot and is a member of the Young Avengers.

Ryan Coogler said in a discussion with Cinema Blend the following:

Crazy enough, for comic book fans, we toyed with the character Patriot for a little bit. Early on we were interested to get our hands on him, Joe [Robert Cole] and I, but that ended up going away so we could focus on Wakanda a little more.

Ryan Coogler has been known to be a big fan of the comics so seeing him wanting to pull in even more characters shouldn’t be a surprise. Whether or not we could see him in a sequel or in another Marvel property is still in the air. If we do get another Black Panther movie it looks like Coogler could already have a character to use for a potential sequel.

Are you sad that Patriot didn’t make it into the movie? When do you want to see Patriot introduced into the MCU? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @superbromoviesJohnathan Brin

Source: CinemaBlend 

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