New Casting Notice For ‘TITANS’ May Tease An Appearance From Ra’s al Ghul

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As of late, we have had quite a few teases from the upcoming show Titans, which seem to hint at appearances from some very iconic villains. Thus far we have seen casting breakdowns which point to characters from Trigon to even Brother Blood showing up, but now we have yet another new breakdown. Recently a new character breakdown for the series has popped up and it seems to point to none other than Ra’s al Ghul.

Ra’s al Ghul is one of the biggest villains in the DC universe and has already shown up on another DC series, Arrow. The new breakdown sounds very similar to the Head of the Demon himself so it looks rather likely he will show up on the new show. For the new casting breakdown look below,

“Male, 40s-50s, Middle Eastern, Latin, or East Indian. Seeking a young Richard Attenborough type. Fearless, manipulative, with unparalleled intelligence. Recurring guest star, seeking recognizable faces only.”

As of late Ra’s al Ghul has become a recurring threat to the Teen Titans after his grandson Damian Wayne joined them in the comics. However, it seems rather unlikely Damian will make an appearance on the show just yet. On the live action side of the DC universe, the villain has become a favorite having appeared in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises along with an extended run on Arrow and an appearance on Gotham.

It looks based on the breakdown that the character wouldn’t be a season-long villain, so perhaps he would be more of a guest star, setting up a future conflict in later seasons. Given Ra’s al Ghul has appeared on Arrow already, another of Greg Berlanti’s series, it would be interesting to see what he would do that’s new for the character.

Would you like to see the iconic villain appear on Titans? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: That Hashtag Show



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