‘BLACK LIGHTNING’ S1Ep04 “Black Jesus” Recap/Review

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The One Hundred Gang is up to no good once again and this time they’re distributing drugs. A new drug called Greenlight is taking over Freeland. The episode begins with Jefferson Pierce confronting a student named Bernard under effects of Greenlight. The effects of the drugs quickly take over Bernard, giving him superhuman strength. Jefferson then uses his Black Lightning powers to sedate him.

After the events at Garfield High, Jefferson goes the streets of Freeland to find the source of the new drug. After some electric action sequences, Black Lightning gets a name, 2 Bits, a former childhood friend now part of the One Hundred Gang. Jefferson eventually finds him and shows mercy after 2 Bits promises to never sell drugs again.

Meanwhile, Anissa is facing her own superpower struggles. On the way to school, Anissa spots two Garfield High girls taking drugs from the One Hundred Gang. Anissa confronts the two boys and leaves shortly afterward only to come back later that night using her superpowers leaving them severely beaten.

She uses her powers again after a group of men harass her and new love interest, Grace Choi. Hearing the commotion, Jefferson goes to investigate leaving behind a potential lead in the Greenlight drug investigation.

Jennifer is also in a tough spot this episode. Last week we saw Jennifer’s track star boyfriend, Khalil, suffer a spinal injury from Tobias Harris. Jennifer tries to keep a positive attitude, but later in the episode, it is revealed Khalil will never walk again. Jennifer’s story is my favorite of the series. I feel like her struggles to balance out her family, boyfriend, and friends will result in her powers being discovered. I predict the last episode of the season she will have her powers.


Black Lightning continues to be a successful hit with its stellar cast and superb writing.

This week’s episode had a lot of strong scenes. The action sequences made up for the lack of them in the first three episodes and we also we got to see some upgrades in Black Lightning’s costume. (I prefer the old one.) I was also a fan of how forgiving Jefferson was. Not many superheroes give second chances, so I thought it was refreshing to see.

The only thing I didn’t like about this week’s episode was how easily they dismissed the new drug gave people human strength. Hopefully, they’ll explore more on that for the upcoming episodes.

I have to focus on Gambit for a second. Gambit’s latest actions are a bit confusing and question his loyalty to Black Lightning. In last week’s episode, we see Gambit erase the surveillance tape of Tobias Whale. This week we see him lie Jefferson again telling about what he sees on surveillance. Gambit has told Lynn he has Jefferson’s best interest at heart but that’s clearly not the case. Both Jefferson and Tobias thought they killed one another nine years ago, why not tell Jefferson the truth so he can finish it once and for all. And what about Anissa? Gambit couldn’t clearly see Anissa in the video, only a person with superhuman strength. All these secrets Gambit is starting to hide from Jefferson gives audience members, like me, pause as to what Gambit motives are. He never wanted Jefferson to give up crime fighting. Maybe Gambit feels that if Jefferson sees another person with superpowers, he’ll back off and let them do the crime fighting. Gambit’s story is an interesting development and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Rating: 8/10

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