Batman #40 Review (SPOILERS)

Batman #40
DC Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Joëlle Jones
“SUPERFRIENDS” part four! Since the beginning, the friendship between Batman and Wonder Woman has stood at the heart of the DC Universe. Now that friendship is coming apart, and as it does, the universe itself begins to crumble. The conclusion of Batman’s team-up with Wonder Woman.



The last part of “SUPERFRIENDS” had Wonder Woman and Batman stuck in a dimension fighting off a horde for over a decade, and it ended in them possibly kissing. Well…they don’t kiss of course. In fact, they laugh a bit afterwards after realizing they their love belongs to other people. They may not have a romance, but spending so much time together has cemented their friendship forever.

They continue to fight on with each other, and it’s obvious they are only alive because of that. They are true Superfriends and Tom King does a marvelous job of capturing the chemistry between them, perfectly blending friendliness with sincere and emotional moments. I must admit the amount of time they’ve spent together is a bit exaggerating, but I think it does a decent job of


Gentle Man gets to spend some time with his wife, and you don’t blame him for taking Wonder Woman and Batman’s deal. Spending thousands of years fighting to the only end up spending some hours with your loved one is pretty crazy and heartbreaking, but I guess that’s what marriage is.  After some deep discussions with Selina, Julain decides to go back to the realm that has burdened him for what seems like forever. This allows for Batman and Wonder Woman to finally come back to our realm.

The two heroes are now closer than ever, and I think this has made Bruce a better person. This story once again proves that Selina and Bruce are meant to be, so don’t expect Tom King to sperate them anytime soon. Not a lot happens here, but the visuals and dialogue keep this issue afloat. King’s run has gone from good to great over the past couple of months, and I’m all for it.

In conclusion:

This was a pretty solid conclusion to an interesting storyline that both strengthened Bruce’s relationship with Selina, but also with Diana. The issue isn’t very eventful, but it’s an entertaining and it includes beautifully stunning art from Joëlle Jones. I’m intrigued how the next couple of installments will continue with “Superfriend” trend, and I’m sure they’ll be close to the standards of these issues.

Rating: 8.5/10

Marcos Melendez

3 thoughts on “Batman #40 Review (SPOILERS)

  1. king’s run has been lackluster and you praise a story that is a ripoff of Action Comics #761 from 2000. Also, riddle me this…how did the Gentle Man get ahold of Diana last issue? Why do they need to fight the demons if the door only can be opened from Earth’s side? If they were already in the realm before, why does king make it seem like they would be unaware of the time paradox? is the gentle man stronger than both Batman and WW since both are needed to fight his fight? if so, how can Catwoman subdue him? Why does WW talk like she is just off the boat from Russia? if that’s not enough, i have so many unanswered questions from every issue of this run!


  2. I guess this site is just a “throw the review up and then not care to discuss things with people afterwards” kind of site. Oh well, I actually asked a question about the newest issue of Batman, but just disregard it because I will just go somewhere else to discuss things.


    1. 1. The comments on the WP site are a bit wonky so I missed the notification for the comment way back when, but I don’t have all of the time in the world to reply and have discussions on this site. 2. I do however like the fact you care enough to ask questions and read the review, that’s all well and good. Stuff like this is easier to discuss on twitter, and we have an account specifically for Comics, check it out here; or also my personal account 3. It’s also a bit discouraging to try to create discussion while being so negative towards the comic, so that doesn’t help. You seem like a passionate DC fan, and that’s cool, but I recommend keeping it chill.


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