BREAKING: Michael Bay in Talks to Direct ‘LOBO’ Movie for DC

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According to a TheWrap, Warner Bros., and DC Comics are considering having Michael Bay direct a Lobo film and recently sat down with him to go over a script.

This would be Bay’s first superhero movie, but not his first movie in a larger franchise as he is well-known for his Transformers movies. He also recently directed 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.


Warner Bros. met with Bay to discuss a script being written by Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs. Bay offered notes for how to rewrite and edit the script. WB is reported to intend to let Bay read over the rewritten script in an attempt to get him on board with the project.

TheWrap also reports that Lobo is intended to be WB/DC’s “answer to” DeadpoolDeadpool, produced by FOX and starring Ryan Reynolds, is an R-Rated comedy/superhero movie about a mercenary antihero hunting down those who wronged him. The sequel is currently in post-production. The Lobo movie would likely feature a comedic tone and R-Rating, centering around the antihero bounty hunter.


This would be the character’s first live-action appearance as he has only shown up in animated shows such as Justice LeagueYoung Justice, and Justice League Action.

Bay is well-known for the action and catastrophe in his films, which could work well with an R-Rated Lobo film. There is a great analysis by Every Frame a Painting of Bay’s film style below:


Source: TheWrap


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