‘RIVERDALE’ Episode 2×13 Recap/Review: “The Tell-Tale Heart”


Riverdale this week showcases yet more situations I’m pretty sure teens haven’t or should face ever. So much fun! In a serious note, in the world of sexy teens in the CW there is madness, and this episode was not an exception. Let’s get into it!

Spoilers Follow

Betty describes perfectly the beginning of the episode by saying: “There’s a man on the floor.” We are immediately dealing with what happened the last episode regarding Chick and the man that came looking for him. Betty and Alice quickly follow the T.V. rule book in how to cover up a murder by cleaning the house with what seems like a ridiculous amount of bleach and ditching the body in a sewer. This tears Betty apart the whole episode and it’s good to see that because that would be traumatizing for anyone, ESPECIALLY a teenager which she portrays (don’t forget that).

It doesn’t end there though, as Betty consequently tells Jughead about the whole incident. The surprising thing about all of this is that by the end, FP shows up with Jughead and tells Alice and Betty that he won’t allow them to make the same mistake he made with Jason Blossom, so he offers to help with the cover-up and he does, but the madness doesn’t end there.


Veronica had a small yet huge role in this episode, as she basically blackmailed Mayor McCoy to resign when she told her that she knew about her affair with Sherrif Keller. What if I told you that the madness didn’t end there in terms of the episode. I have yet to talk about actually the biggest reveal of it all… (And you thought that Betty/Alice/Chick thing was huge didn’t you?)

The episode also deals with Archie and the FBI, or does it? When Agent Adams puts the pressure on to Archie’s father, that’s where things go downhill for our favorite artificial redheaded high schooler. He has nowhere to go, so he goes to Hiram and tells him what’s being going on with the FBI and how he hasn’t said a word to them but needs to help his father. Hiram simply says “Give me 24 hours and I’ll get back to you.” Archie of course needed some re-assurance that Hiram wasn’t going to kill an FBI agent and he said that he wasn’t. Are you still with me? Good, because this is where the game changes.


The Lodge’s driver comes to pick up Archie, saying that they’re going to a scenic place to meet with “the boss.” Get ready for it because the boss of the Lodge empire (apparently) is…HERMIONE LODGE. Not only is this the big reveal, but she also welcomes Archie to the family, as the FBI agent was all a ploy to see if they can trust him, and he passed with flying colors.

This episode was PACKED with some great twists and turns and was yet another great addition to what has been a stellar second season. I feel that this season has embraced such a dark and gloomy tone and has made it work perfectly, so much so that this season is superior to that of the first season in my opinion. The only thing that I feel that is disappearing slowly from Riverdale is the supporting cast that made show so great, and this episode feels like that again. That’s the only minor gripe I have with this episode. –Kenneth Colon

GRADE: 9.5/10

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7 ET on The CW.


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