5 Smaller Games That Could Spawn Films

The lines between film and gaming seem to be blurring more frequently of late. We wrote a little while back that The Incredibles would be getting its own LEGO video game (in addition to a sequel we can’t wait for). And one of the first major film releases this year will be a reboot of Tomb Raider, accompanying the rebooted game franchise that’s had so much success of late.

Somewhat more curiously, we’ve also seen a new phenomenon of smaller video games being turned into animated features. 2016’s Angry Birds, for instance, turned a beloved mobile game into a full new animated adventure (with definite franchise potential at that). Now there’s word that the same fate might await Plants vs. Zombies (Source: http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/plants-zombies-heading-big-screen/) another game that achieved the bulk of its popularity in mobile app stores (though it was first a popular browser game). These kinds of adaptations open up a whole new world of potential game-based films, so we thought we ought to take a look at a few more we could be seeing in the coming years.

Clash Of Clans

You could actually make the easy mistake of believing a Clash Of Clans movie has alreadyunnamed.png come out. There’s a one-minute comedic short (ttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt5259970/) listed at IMDB, with Liam Neeson voicing the main character. This is a nice tease and a funny idea, but it hardly scratches the surface of what this wildly successful franchise could do on the big screen. More than any other game on this list, Clash Of Clans feels destined for a cinematic adaptation at one point or another. 

The Room

This might be the long shot of the list, but at the same time it might be the most cinematic game (or game series). The Room and its numerous sequels, including the recently released The Room – Old Sins have captured the imagination of countless mobile players with an enchanting blend of supernatural gothic mystery and in-depth puzzle solving. The narrative has always been somewhat flimsy, but the visuals would seem to provide more than enough for a talented screenwriter to work with.


Gonzo’s Quest

This is a different sort of selection in that it comes from a less mainstream (but still very Unknownpopular) genre. Gonzo’s Quest (https://www.slotsource.ca/game/gonzo-s-quest) is a slot arcade, and perhaps the most famous of the genre. It’s risen to fame online because of some outstanding animation that tells the story of a Spanish explorer in the New World surrounding the game. It’s already been adapted as a mobile game, and is said to be on its way to virtual reality as well. None of us should be surprised if the character of Gonzo eventually inspires an animated adventure about the age of exploration. 

Temple Run


Temple Run seems at once like the best and worst idea on this list. On the one hand a film adaptation would basically just have to be about an adventurous explorer fleeing dangers in the jungle – something that’s worked in one form or another in a ton of movies over the years. On the other, it would be a fairly forced adaptation, as there’s really no plot whatsoever to this game. Still, it’s not as if Angry Birds was overflowing with narrative depth either; its’ always nice to have popular source material. 


If there’s anything more likely than Clash Of Clans to get a film adaptation, it has to be Minecraft. Also, it’s probably not fair to call this a “small” game in any sense, because it’s moved well beyond the mobile arena and become popular on consoles and even in VR. Regardless, an animated movie set in a Minecraft world with Minecraft rules is basically starting from the same place as the LEGO films that have already found so much success. 



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