David S. Goyer Has Exited As Director Of Sony’s ‘MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE’

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It has just recently been revealed that Sony’s Masters of the Universe is still on the hunt for a director as David S. Goyer has now left the project. A few months ago it was announced that the studio was in talks with Goyer to helm the film, but now according to reports he has left the project due to other commitments.

According to Variety the director has had to drop out of the film due to other projects. Goyer has previously turned in a draft of Masters of the Universe to Sony that excited the studio. Sony thus wished to have him helm the film, but due to his work on Foundation, a mini-series adaptation of Irving Asimov’s science-fiction trilogy, he will be unable to. This complicate matters as the film has a release date planned for December 18, 2019, with the studio having planned to meet with actors soon.

However, Goyer is not fully stepping away from the film as he will still serve as Executive producer and screenwriter. But Sony is now in a crunch as they will need to find a replacement so as to meet the film’s planned release date.

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Source: Variety


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