Tessa Thompson Teases She Is “Highly Interested” In Playing The New Kick-Ass

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It was only awhile ago that Mark Millar stated that it was his wish to have the Thor: Ragnarök star, Tessa Thompsonplay the new Kick-Ass. This was met with very positive responses from the fans excited to see the actress play the rather new character. And for a time we havent had any more updates on Millar’s wishes, until now as Thompson herself has responded.

Recently on Twitter, the actress responded to a tweet about the brand new Kick-Ass comic coming out, which teased her interest in the character.


Replying directly to Millar’s comments on wanting to cast her as the new Kick-Ass it looks like Thompson is very interested in the role. It would be very interesting to see this unfold on-screen as the new Kick-Ass is still yet to really be explored in the comics.


The actress proved in her role as Valkyrie that she is no stranger to action so Kick-Ass would be a perfect character for her to get her hands on. However, it should be noted that there is no word as of yet of a Kick-Ass series or film in development so it would be some time before we ever see this come to fruition. But for now we can hope that with Millar and Thompson’s persistence a project will be greenlit.

Would you like to see Thompson take on the role of Kick-Ass? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Tessa Thompson


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