‘THE PUNISHER’ May Revolve Around “The Slavers” Storyline For Season 2

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That Hashtag Show came across character breakdowns for season 2 of The Punisher that could suggest the Netflix series could be circling the adaption of Garth Ennis’ 2005-2006 storyline, “The Slavers”.

“The Slavers” is a very brutal storyline and perhaps one of the most disturbing storylines involving the Punisher. Here are some character breakdowns that suggest season 2 could be focusing on this storyline.

punisher jen cooke

The Punisher is casting two new roles that are expected to be series regulars, Annie Beir and Kim Davis. Beir is being described as a 16-year-old scrappy female who is used to the streets and aware of her environment surroundings. Davis is a female in her mid-30’s, can be any Ethnicity, and is working as a therapist. These two character are very involved in the storyline.

In the Ennis adaption of The Punisher, the description of Annie Beir could be similar to the character, Viorica, a young girl who was saved by Castle. After hearing Viorica’s story, Castle made a stop to a sex slave ring that was run by Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat. A social worker by the name of Jen Cooke also learned about slavers that took Viorica, worked together with Castle to take them down. Kim Davis’ description is similar to Cooke’s.

Martin Soap Punisher

The Punisher Task Force may be formed and make an appearance in season 2 as the series is casting a role similar to Detective Martin Soap from the comics. The casting search is for a male in his early 30’s of any ethnicity, to play a Melvin Skelling, who has been described as an honest detective, but really it could be Soap. The detective is also set to be a series regular, with an option of potentially returning in future seasons. 

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Lucas Talbot

Source: That Hashtag Show


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