‘THOR: ​RAGNAROK’ Deleted Scene Shows Thor and Bruce in The Grandmaster’s Ship

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As Thor: Ragnarok‘s Digital and Blu-Ray release date comes closer, things such as deleted scenes and extra content make their way to the vast world of the internet. The latest scene to be released features Thor and Puny Banner as they’re on The Grandmasters’ ship.

The scene has the humoristic trait that made Ragnarok a stand-out among Marvel’s repertoire. I really recommend you watch the scene if you enjoyed the humor in Thor: Ragnarok because it’s the film at its finest. The real question now is why was it cut out?

I understand that time constraints are a thing, as well as the idea of pacing and the whole film, but this scene shared a “heartfelt” moment. Thor talking about his father’s death, how he lost his hammer, and how he really thinks he won’t be able to beat his sister is sad in a way, but then Banner comparing Thor to Dumbo just makes the scene that much better and reminds you what kind of film you’re watching. Also, Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure and this deleted scene reminds us why. If you’re interested in more additional content, Thor: Ragnarok is set to release on digital on February 20th and on Blu-Ray/4K on March 6th.

What are your thoughts on the scene? Did you think it should’ve been kept in the film? Let us know at @SuperBroMovies and in the comments below!

Kenneth Colon

SOURCE: Furious Trailer (YouTube)


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