‘Fortnite’ Will Be Getting New Modes & Items

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After gaining more and more success Fortnite will be looking to expand on its success. On Epic’s official site, the developers teased new modes and items on the way next month in a limited time run like the game’s 50v50 mode.


The developer talked about that the new game modes will be coming within the next month or so while also confirming 50v50 will be making a return. One of the modes talked about was Blitz Mode which will be a shorter than usual type of game mode for the game. Epic also mention about more modes that will offer more supply drops and a bus for each team.

Besides the new modes, Epic also revealed new items and skins will be coming to the game. As shown in the pictures above a new hammer that is skinned as a Unicorn Llama will be added to the game. Along with the new hammer, a new spacesuit skin and a glider skin that is a Chinese Dragon will be added to the game soon. None of the items or new modes have a release date but we will update you when we get one.

Are you excited for the new modes for Fortnite? Are you excited about the new skins and items? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCornerPeter Grant

Source: Epic Game’s Website

Fortnite is available on the Xbox One, PS4, Windows, and Macintosh


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